Emporium Julium Candle Bundle


Earthy candle holder matched with classic beeswax table candles.



We would like to introduce you to our new wee candle bundle prepared for you with this exceptional earthy candle holder made by Julija Pustovrh from Emporium Julium matched with our very classic beeswax table candles.

The bundle includes 1 unique candle holder and 3 classic table candles hand wrapped in a box for your loved ones.

Our beeswax candles get their scent from the nectar and honey that was originally stored in the honeycomb. Therefore, the scents of our candles change slightly depending on what the bees were pollinating. Burning beeswax purifies the air.

As a pottery artist Julija has always drawn inspiration from nature. Her work explores the fine line between real and imaginary plant worlds, looking at forms, structures and patterns in micro and macro scales, transformations in time and space as well as giving her pieces some kind of function and use.

Currently Julija is working on an ongoing project exploring the connection between Scottish landscapes and coastal features. She has been collecting sand from remote coasts of Scotland and is incorporating the sands in her new body of work – SANDSCAPES 2019/20. Check her Instagram account to see full range of her ceramic work.

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