Trio of Soaps


A wee bundle of our hand made natural soaps.
All 3 are packed with palatable labels so you can support your local bees
Simply take the sleeve off and  plant it.


Plant this label and grow flower for the bees


Linden Soap

Natural, hand-made soap with a beautiful linden flower fragrance, intended for delicate, sensitive and dry skin. Linden infusion can be used to wash the skin in order to soothe irritations, moisturise, smooth, and inhibit the process of peeling and cracking of the epidermis. VEGAN PRODUCT.


Honey Soap

natural, hand-made soap made of vegetable oils and honey thoroughly cleanses the skin of the face and body from sebum and air pollution. 


It minimises skin inflammation and redness. Recommended for problematic skin affected by acne. It is also a real relief for damaged skin, showing a strong need for regeneration. It will cleanse, moisturise and deeply nourish the skin. It is also worth reaching for honey in the case of highly calloused epidermis, including elbows and knees. 


Oat soap

natural, hand-made soap, recommended especially for sensitive, mature skin, but also delicate and prone to atopy (AD). It has strong antioxidant properties, regenerates and soothes irritations. Perfect for children’s skin – it has no dyes and is odourless. VEGAN PRODUCT,

Plant this label and grow flower for the bees


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