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Heather Honey

Scottish Heather Honey

Scottish Blossom Honey

Scottish Blossom Honey

Sale! Turmeric Infused Honey

Turmeric Infused Honey

Sale! Gingerbread honey

Gingerbread Spiced Honey

Scottish Rapeseed Honey

Scottish Rapeseed Honey

Honey Gift Set

Set of 3 Jars In Cardboard Box

Sale! Orange Infused Honey

Orange Infused Honey

Strawberry infused Honey

Strawberries In Honey

Sale! Hot Toddy - Whiskey infused Honey

Hot Toddy – Whiskey Infused Honey

Scottish Heather Honey Comb 200g

Heather Honeycomb

Honey set 3 x 1kg

Honey Lover Set of 5 x 1kg

Sale! Honey gift set of 6 jars

Set of 6 Jars In Wooden Box

Honey set 3 x 1kg

Honey Monster Starter 3 x 400g

Sale! Cranberry Infused Honey

Cranberries In Honey

Honey set 3 x 1kg

Honey Trio of Kilos 3 x 1kg

hay fever

Hay Fever Set 3 x 400g