Honeydew Honey


Honeydew Honey – One of the rarest out there

Honeydew honey is a type of honey produced by bees using honeydew, which, like nectar, is a sugary liquid that derives from sap.
To better understand what honeydew honey is, we need to know that bees can produce honey by collecting and transforming two different nutrients: nectar and, indeed, honeydew.
The honeydew, however, unlike nectar, is not produced directly from plants, but from insects that absorb sap from plants to live and multiply, and secrete a product still rich in nutrients, especially sugars: honeydew.
Honeydew droplets stick to leaves, branches, barks and so on; the bees find it, collect it and, through their work, produce honey.



What to do with it Honeydew Honey

Due to the high quality of this particular honey any heat treatment should bee avoided. Even when making good old cuppa bee gentle and avoid very hot liquids.
Ice cream, on another hand, is a perfect choice due to slight bitterness of this honey. Especially in combination with vanilla produces amazing results or you could make “Hot Toddy” ice cream.

Here is our basic honey ice cream recipe:
500 ml of double cream whipped stiff and then some.
1 egg free range would bee best as yolk is much fattier and egg white holds air bubbles better.
2 vanilla beans but if not accessible use good quality extract. Both best sourced online rather than supermarket.
1 lemon organic is a must as we gonna use zest and conventional lemons are dipped in wax to last longer.
1 x shot of whiskey.
Honey. As much as you want. there is no wrong answer 😀

nice and quick. No fussing about.
Whip cream
Whip whites
Cream honey, egg yolk, lemon zest, and whiskey together until smooth.
Gently, and it is very important. Fold! Do not mix. Fold gently egg whites, a third at a time into whipped cream.
It is a bit annoying but it will pay of with gelatto like effect as we are not going to  loose the fluffiness.
At the end you can either stir in egg yolk mix or how I like to do it, you can let the base set in a freezer for an hour and then gently stir it in and by thus creating ever so desired swirl.
Best to cool down egg yolk mix in a fridge before or even in  a freezer if you are going to bee over enthusiastic whit whiskey 😀

Good luck and have fun with honey

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