Hot Chocolate Honey


We have taken our award winning Buckwheat Honey and creamed it to perfection with Cocoa powder.
It is silky, sweet and very chocolaty.

Best served with hot milk



Honey bees that collect and process the nectar of buckwheat flowers create a dark honey with a full, robust flavor. Buckwheat Honey can range in colour from coppery yellow to purple or nearly black. The average jar is dark amber with a reddish tint when held to the light. Compared with lighter-coloured varieties, buckwheat honey has a similar taste to molasses.

Buckwheat Honey – Polish answer to Manuka

Buckwheat honey has a deep, dark brown colour, a strong, molasses-like earthy flavor, and is high in mineral content and antioxidant compounds. The strong flavor of this honey is perfect when you need a sweetener with some backbone to stand up to other bold flavors.

Buckwheat honey uses in Cuisine:

This type of honey is excellent for cooking poultry, pork, or beef and for making barbecue sauces. Also, it stands up well to strong cheeses. I think a combination of buckwheat honey, blue cheese, and pears or figs would be a treat fit for a king. This honey is the key ingredient used to make gingerbread in some areas of France, where buckwheat plays an important cultural role.

Use our blog to create some tasty treats of your own! Buckwheat honey is an excellent sugar substitute in coffee and tea as well as cakes and bread.

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