Scottish Rapeseed Honey

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Rapeseed honey is considered to be an ugly duckling of the honey world. It is one of the first major food sources for bees and a very important aspect to a good start of the beekeeping season. The girls tend to multiply very quickly due to high pollen content on the OSR flowers.
This honey is know to help with hey fevers in the spring as it is rich in pollen. Best is to start your hay fever curation few months in advance to allow your immune system to get used to pollens.




Scottish Rapeseed honey is an ugly duckling of honey world. It is neither runny for long time, actually it can crystallise even 2 weeks after extraction due to unusually high water content (21%) and very high levels of glucose with very little fructose and sucrose, which favourites formation of those large gritty crystals in honey, nor is it super aromatic and flavoursome.
But if you put in some time and effort the results are magnificent.
That is why we always cream our Rapeseed Honey to avoid the unpleasantness situation when you have to scrape honey which is rock solid and to bring out amazing texture and surprising taste as, when runny flavour is sharper and less pleasant..
The creaming process is a very prolonged and time consuming exercise  due to the rhythm of work of the creaming machine. It churns honey with special paddles in a vessel every hour for 15 mins 24/7. To achieve perfect smoothness sometimes takes up to 2 weeks of this process and then a week of setting down for all the air bubbles of escape.

The results are worth the hassle.

The creamy sensation is irresistible and even a year after the honey retains a butter like texture.


Well. it is up to you. We love it on toast!
Dugh?! – you might say. What else?
Replace icing sugar with it on carrot cakes or muffins.
Use it to make your own Nutella by adding some cocoa powder and peanut butter. Consider is more of a sugar based spread that just awaits your ideas.

We use it in all of our fruity infusions as it does not overwhelm the added flavour and even highlights it as in our current batch of strawberry infusion.
We have found new supplier of freeze dried strawberry powder (fresh fruit frozen under low pressure, like in space. NASA’s idea) and the results are both colourful and very tasty.

Lets us know what are your ideas by posting pictures of your creations on social media with #edinburghhoney or #rapeseedhoneychallenge

If you’ve tried our delicious Honey before then let us know what you thought of them on our Instagram or Facebook!

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1 review for Scottish Rapeseed Honey

  1. Louise

    I have purchased this honey today at the Royal Highland Show and it’s delicious, my daughter who usually doesn’t like honey loves it!

    • Miod.Co

      Hiya Louise!
      Thank you very much for your review.
      Enjoy the honey!
      Miod.Co Team

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