Welcome to Edinburgh Honey Co

All of our honey is 100% raw, and 100% natural. Just as our bee sisters intended.

With over 60 years of human experience and expertise (thousands of years for the bees!), our range of honey and products are unique, and of the highest quality. 

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Is there anything better than a good book? With a warm cup of tea with honey, late on a Sunday afternoon, leftovers for dinner, nowhere to be.


If you agree, we have the perfect addition to our range in our shop and online! We have just received a small selection of books for sale! Covering topics such as bees, wildflowers, foraging and honey!

All the books are thematically appropriate to our wee Honey Shop!

Our values

Keeping Bees since 1957

Our beekeeping tradition has started with our grandfather Stan over 60 years ago back in Poland. 

We are an independent, family-owned company with 60 years of beekeeping traditions.

All Natural

Our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment, by recycling materials, we use in our shipping and reducing our carbon footprint.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and for our shipping needs, we use directly recycled boxes from local shops and low-emission vehicles.

Pure and Simple

All of our honey is sourced in a sustainable and responsible way, both from our own apiaries in Scotland and our family’s in Poland.

We specialize in rare, high-quality raw honey, that is hand-packed with recycled materials only and is 100% plastic-free.

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