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10 Buzzing Questions About Honey: Your Guide to the Sweet Stuff

Honey – a natural sweetener enjoyed for centuries, but shrouded in a bit of mystery! Have you ever wondered if raw honey is better than regular honey? Or maybe you’re curious about the potential health benefits of this golden nectar. Perhaps you’ve even questioned its shelf life or safety for babies. Fear not, fellow honey enthusiasts! At Edinburgh Honey Co

Exploring the Delicate Sweetness of Acacia Honey and Its Benefits

Embark on a journey into the world of acacia honey—a golden elixir renowned for its delicate flavor and remarkable health benefits. From its origins in the blossoms of the acacia tree to its soothing effects on respiratory health, discover the gentle sweetness and nourishing qualities of this exquisite honey.

Celebrating Queens of Two Realms: Women and Bees on International Women’s Day

Embark on a unique celebration of International Women’s Day as we draw parallels between the influential women in our lives and the extraordinary world of bees. Dive into the hive of empowerment, leadership, and collaboration, where the stories of women and bees intertwine in a delicate dance of inspiration. Join us on a journey that explores the remarkable connections between these queens of two realms. 🌺👑🐝 #Empowerment #InternationalWomensDay #Beekeeping

field of rapeseed flowers

🍯 Welcome to Edinburgh Honey Co – Your Buzzing Haven for Hay Fever Relief! 🌸

Indulge in the golden goodness of our Scottish Rapeseed Honey, a sweet remedy for hay fever relief. Edinburgh Honey Co brings you award-winning, plastic-free honey, handpacked with love in East Lothian. Immerse yourself in the tradition of three generations of beekeeping expertise. Bee Well, Bee Natural with Edinburgh Honey Co

Flipping Across the Globe: International Pancake Extravaganza for Pancake Day

Embark on a mouthwatering journey this Pancake Day as we whisk you away to different corners of the world with our diverse pancake recipes. From the fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes to the delicate French Crêpes, the classic American Blueberry Pancakes, and the savory Indian Masala Dosa, each recipe encapsulates the essence of its cultural roots. Join us in celebrating diversity and indulging in a global pancake extravaganza that promises to flip your taste buds to new heights.

Get Buzzed with the Golden Elixir: Discovering the Sweet World of Rapeseed Honey

Rapeseed honey is a unique and delicious variety of honey that is gaining popularity due to its distinct taste and numerous health benefits. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about rapeseed honey, including its benefits, how it’s made, and a delicious recipe to try. Discover how this golden honey can be a great addition to your diet and read blog to learn more!

The Sweet Solution: How Honey Can Help Hay Fever Sufferers

Hay fever is a seasonal allergy that affects millions of people worldwide. Commonly caused by an allergic reaction to airborne pollen, this allergy can cause symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and throat irritation. While there are many over-the-counter medications available to alleviate hay fever symptoms, natural remedies can also provide relief. One of the most effective and delicious natural remedies for hay fever is honey.

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