Blossom Honey Comb 200g


Our Scottish Blossom Honey comes from our own apiary at the Falkland Estate.

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Our Scottish Blossom Honey honey comes from our own apiary at the Falkland Estate in Fife which is located in the heart of the estate near an apple orchard and surrounded by wildflowers and woodland.

Our bees get to enjoy apple blossom nectar as well as clover, Himalayan balsam, oak, lime, and other wildflowers. It is an organic land so our bees are thriving there and the honey produced is very tasty.

Scottish Blossom Honey – what is it?

Our customers often ask what makes Scottish blossom honey so tasty and appealing. The answer is pretty simple. Whatever is in bloom, bees will find it and make honey out of it. In the early spring, we get very light and delicate blossom mostly from apple bloom and rapeseed that are being farmed at the estate.

Later throughout the summer bees forage on local trees such as:
Linden, Willow, Oak, Chestnut as well as on clover, phacelia, and other wildflowers which grow in abundance around the apiary.

Falkland apiary is one of our most productive sites due to the biodiversity that bees get to live in and the fact the farm is fully organic which makes it an ideal environment for our girls.

What to use it for?

It is a good question. Acacia Honeycomb due to it’s gentle nature and mild flavour is a perfect replacement for sugar in any flavour sensitive dishes. most popular use for it is in beverages as it dissolves very easily and doesn’t overpower other flavour notes.


Pair your honeycomb with any type of cheese you’d like for a quick snack or a party tray. If you’re hosting, try this beautiful and easy cheese plate with a few simple ingredients. Spoon your Honey & Comb on top and impress all your dinner guests!


Because of the unique texture of the comb, your honey will easily spread over your toast in a thick layer without the drip. Try layering your Honey & Comb over toast, scones, or on a baguette. You can even add meats or cheeses to make a sweet and savory sandwich.


The Food Network suggests topping your arugula salad with crumbled goat cheese and hunks of honeycomb. Adding that extra bite of honey might just take your at-home salads to the next level. Instead of drizzling with honey, add drops of honeycomb on top.


Pancakes, scones, and waffles with honey chunks? Yes please. Saveur say they use their honeycomb mixed into scone batter before baking. They also fold honeycomb into ricotta and serve over pancakes and waffles.


Remember, one of the most delicious ways to enjoy honeycomb is simply by itself. Take a spoon and dig in! We hope you enjoy!

Our favourite us for it is in salads. Especially with blue cheese.
Please visit our blog for some more culinary inspirations.

If you’ve tried our delicious Honey before then let us know what you thought of it on our Instagram or Facebook!

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