Gin Infused Lime Honey


The intensity of the aroma and the taste are stronger than the colour would indicate.

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The intensity of the aroma and the taste is stronger than the colour would indicate. The usual rule of darker is stronger is broken with Linden honey. When very fresh it has a greenish colour, but after a time it becomes clear to amber with a yellow tone. The aroma is described as woody, pharmacy and fresh, also described as mint, balsamic, menthol and camphor.

It has low acidity, medium sweet and sometimes a light bitterness. It has a persistent aftertaste and is slightly astringent. The crystallisation rate is medium to fast with fine to medium-sized crystals.

Why Gin infused lime honey?

We are big fans of using honey with drinks, cocktails, and beverages. Not only is gin-infused lime honey healthier than any sugar syrup but each variety has it is own unique flavour and aroma which when paired with good quality alcohol can make an amazing experience.

Lime honey when runny mixes in liquids easily and due to its fresh and minty flavour goes well with aromatic alcohols like gin.

Here is a great Gin and Triple Lime cocktail recipe

– 100 ml of fine Gin
– 20 g of Lime honey
– 5 g of lime zest
– 20 ml lime juice
– sparkling water as much as you would like

Give a good shake with ice. Enjoy responsibly and for alternatives have a read here.

The amount of Gin (40% alcohol) does not exceed 5% of total mass in this honey product.

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