Bee Bread


Bee Bread 

Bee bread is also known as Perga, Ambrosia, Food of the Gods, or even the Formula of Life – Food of the Gods was a title given to Bee Bread by the ancient Greeks.

Bee Bread is made of bee pollen collected by honey bee workers. Before the bee worker goes to collect pollen, she supplies herself with a little honey from the hive, but this is far away from being their lunch 🙂 As bee sisters fly from bloom to bloom, they comb the pollen very quickly and slightly moisturize it with a saliva-honey mixture and then they move it into baskets on their hind legs called corbiculae.  Back at the hive, bees deposit their pollen pellets close to the cells where bee larvae are growing.

Then other bees – very young bee workers – come along to add honey and some of their saliva to the pollen to make each pellet of bee bread protein-rich then the mixture is compacted in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb and undergoes a very important process – lactic fermentation under anaerobic conditions, which makes it completely resistant to mold and rot. Fermentation of bee bread takes around 7 days and once it is over it is ready to eat!

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Bee Bred is an excellent food source, especially for bees aged 3 to 4 weeks, which stays in the hive busy feeding the larvae and creating royal jelly during the season. It is also the main food source of Queen Bee – which helps her to live for up to 6 years – a very long life – in opposition to a life of a bee worker which is around 6 weeks. The Worker bees which stay in the hive over the winter need to consume the bee bread in order to lengthen their life to around 200 days in total.

During the entire summer period, the bee flies hundreds of plants, thanks to it they collect over 250 of the most valuable biologically active ingredients, which then accumulate in the bee bread. As you probably know, most plants have a medicinal value, therefore the bee bread is perceived by many as the Formula of Life – containing the best ingredients that nature can share. Bee Bread is the natural essence of life.

It contains all vitamins, a number of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, lipids and fatty acids, phenolic, and triterpene compounds, sugars, and bio elements. By eating Perga daily we can achieve a real state of homeostasis in our bodies which stimulates or inhibits the work of individual organs and therefore allows biological harmony.  Properties of bee bread allow the human body to activate natural defence mechanisms likely increasing the chances of maintaining good health.

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