Cranberries in Honey


Creamed Rapeseed Honey Infused with Cranberries

This amazing treat will blow your mind. We have combined sensual and very sweet Scottish Rapeseed Honey from our Longniddry apiary with freeze dried Cranberries to achieve perfect balance between sweet and sour flavours.
It is a very Christmas treat but our customers enjoy it all year long.
it is perfect for infusing teas with fruity flavour or in baking when you want to surprise your guests to something different.


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Rapeseed honey is considered to an ugly duckling of honey. it is one of the first major food source for bees and very important for a good start of the beekeeping season as girls tend to multiply very quickly due to high pollen content on the OSR flowers.
This honey is know to help with hey fevers in the spring as it is rich in pollen. Best is to start your hey fever curation few months in advance to allow your immune system to get used to pollens.

What i can do with it.

There are no wrong answers here. You can have it in tea or other drinks that favour fruity flavours, or as i like to use it, as a alternative to icing on the cakes and muffins. Due to its creamy nature you can use it as a breakfast spread as well.
There is nothing better that a rye toast with this honey infusion.

if you have even better ideas don’t bee shy and post the online. Share and inspire other to give up sugar for honey.


All the best

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