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Raw Buckwheat Honey – Polish answer to  manuka

Honeybees that collect and process the nectar of buckwheat flowers create a dark honey with full, robust flavor. Raw Buckwheat Honey can range in color from coppery yellow to purple or nearly black. The average jar is dark amber with a reddish tint when held to the light. Compared with lighter-colored varieties, buckwheat honey isn’t as sweet and tastes similar to molasses.

Raw Buckwheat Honey – the source of iron

The basic composition and nutritional profile of all types of honey are relatively the same, yet buckwheat honey has higher concentrations of macronutrients, trace elements and iron hence it is known to have great health benefits. Since its GI index is only 32 it does not give sugar rushes.

Finally, it is great for cooking especially marinating red meat or Christmas baking, oh that gingerbread.

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3 reviews for Raw Buckwheat Honey

  1. Monika Arany

    Super nice! I thought that I don’t like the buckwheat honey, but this one tastes much lighter and smoother than the others I tried before . Thanks 🙂

    • Miod.Co

      Thanks for your comment Monika. We are happy that you like our honey so much. Enjoy your honey and Bee healthy

  2. Steven Prentice

    Hi everyone
    This honey is the best i have ever tasted anywhere in the world. It’s the purest you will ever find and RAW. The top brand honey are watered down and rubbish,just out to just make profit not health. The guys who make this are polish and genuine. God bless you all

  3. Julie Silver

    As a nutritional and health practitioner I am always looking for the most therapeutic honey and this is definitely one of my favourites, which I will be promoting to clients. It has amazing properties and tastes amazing too.

    • Miod.Co

      Hello Julie
      It is great to hear from you.
      Thank you very much for your kind words and promotion.
      We will pass all of the complements to the bees on our next meeting and keep going with beekeeping.
      Many thanks!
      Marta, Andy & The bees

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