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Gingerbread Honey – Christmas on a spoon

This is what happens when you feed your bees Gingerbread cookies 😀

We have created this unique Christmas treat in collaboration with Spice Kitchen and it is mind-blowingly good.
You can use it in hot Toddy, evening tea or your baking. We have dedicated a rapeseed honey for this infusion and the results are both heartwarming and rich in Vitamin C.

Rapeseed Honey –

Botanical name of plant: Brassica napus

Place of harvest: Poland

Sensory description:
greyish to pale white when fully crystalized 
floral – delicate with a hint of a smell of fields in the spring.
The intensity of smell:
Flavor: low. Toffie like almost fudgy. Due to the fact that this is churned honey, it has a texture similar to soft set caramel. 
Crystallization: Rape honey crystallizes very fast in less than 25 degrees C.
You can always de-crystalize your honey by submerging jar in hot yet not boiling water and let both cooldown. This way you are malting the honey but do not pasteurize it.



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