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Acacia honey has a mild, sweet, floral flavour and is, therefore, one of the most popular honey varieties.



Acacia honey has a mild, sweet, floral flavour and is, therefore, one of the most popular honey varieties. It is a good choice for mixing with beverages because it sweetens without changing the taste of the drink.

Acacia Honey is also an excellent choice for cooking because of its mild flavour. It has hints of vanilla flavour and no aftertaste.

Acacia Honey – light and healthy

Acacia honey is one of the most popular single origins types of honey out there. Due to the fact that it is mostly made of fructose, it has a very light and pleasant flavour as well as it retains its runny form for a very long time.

It is very popular with kids, which as we all know can bee fussy eaters, but not in this case.
Due to its low glycemic index Acacia Honey does not cause a “sugar rush” like some supermarket honeys do as they are diluted with sugar syrups.

What is acacia honey?

Acacia honey is derived from the nectar of the Robinia pseudoacacia flower, commonly known as the black locust or false acacia tree. Compared with traditional honey, it’s often much lighter in color, appearing almost transparent.

What to use it for?

It is a good question. Acacia honey due to its gentle nature and mild flavour is a perfect replacement for sugar in any flavour sensitive dishes. The most popular use for it is in beverages as it dissolves very easily and doesn’t overpower other flavour notes.

Our favourite us for it is in salads. Especially with blue cheese.
Please visit our blog for some more culinary inspirations.

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3 reviews for Acacia Honey

  1. Julie Davies (verified owner)

    My favourite honey by far.Its so delicious I have it every morning on my porridge.

  2. Amanda Long (verified owner)

    Wonderful honey!
    Not all acacia honey is created equal as you will realize when you get this home and try it. This is in a league of its own 🙂
    It reminds me of golden syrup, but even better.
    Delicious on porridge.
    I love it on porridge and am about to order another 1kg jar.

  3. Iain Sayers (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful honey

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