The wonderful world of Lavender and our Edinburgh Honey Apothecary soaps!

As we move into the final few months of summer (plenty left, no need to be thinking about autumn yet!) our bee sisters are starting to plan ahead for the winter months. Collecting pollen and nectar to see their colony through until spring.

The flowers that bloom at this time of year provide a lifeline for our bee sisters, and one of their personal favourites is the wonderful lavender!

Lavender provides our bee sisters with a rich supply of both pollen and nectar, making it the perfect addition to a bee lovers garden (allotment, window box, hanging basket etc.) 

Our new range of soaps, inspired by the ecosystems that our bee sisters flourish in, can help you to give back to the bees. We use lavender seed-embedded paper for our soap labels, so once you’ve unwrapped your brand new bar (and taken a moment to relish in the fantastic scent) you can plant it out in a spot of your choice. 

Not only will you bee giving a helping hand to our bee sisters at this crucial time of year, but you will also get to enjoy this beautiful plant for yourself. Lavender has many uses for us and there is a whole world of sustainable projects and recipes you can embark on, all while giving back to our bee sisters!

We offer a range of soaps, inspired by the ecosystems our bee sisters thrive in while offering you a truly indulgent and refreshing experience.

Honey Soap
Our honey soap utilises the soothing scent and properties of honey to make a soap that provides a truly relaxing and indulgent experience. With a rich scent, and many nourishing properties honey has been used as a self-care product all throughout history.

Linden Soap
Linden trees are a favourite of bees and pollinators everywhere, due to their rich nectar flows and inviting scent. Our linden soap gives you a chance to indulge in this experience as if you were a bee. With a slight citrus note, and rich sweetness our linden soap is a go-to to leave you feeling fresh and revitalised.

Oat soap
An entirely plant-based soap, our oat soap is made from natural materials, utilising oats to give a gentle, revitalising experience without a strong scent. A milder alternative, yet still richly indulgent and revitalising for the skin.

As you may have noticed, this blog post is accompanied by some fantastic photographs. These were taken by us on a recent trip out to Lothian Lavender to have a wee photoshoot with our soaps, as well as find out how they grow these wonderful flowers, and the amazing products they produce with them.

We are also delighted to share with you that we are in the progress of settling our bee sister on this amazing farm!

Lothian Lavender produces a wide range of lavender products, and they distil and grow all their lavender on site in the Lothians! We highly recommend checking out their website, why not go to their next open day on the 30th of July (details are all on their website to plan your trip! And we do recommend this place for pollinators spotting!) 


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