Can Honey Expire?

Have you ever found an old jar of honey at the back of your cupboard and wondered if it’s still safe to eat? Today we’re going to tell you all about honey’s eternal lifespan. Funnily enough, honey is one of the only natural food products to have no expiration date. It can’t go off! Even if you found honey on your shelf that was 2,000 years old it would still be good to eat.

Heather Honey Comb 200 g
Heather Honey Comb 200 g

Honey is naturally antibacterial, which prevents any bacteria or funk from growing inside it. In fact, Jars of edible honey have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, roman ruins; and, in 2012, Georgian archeologists found a jar of edible wildflower honey that was 5,000 years old! While honey can’t expire, it can crystallize. If you’ve ever been put off by crystals in your old honey, don’t worry! It can be reversed by leaving your honey in a warm water bath or low-heat oven for a few minutes. Good as new!

Heather Honey Comb 200 g
Heather Honey Comb 200 g

Honey’s ability to maintain its flavour and nutrition over thousands of years is a natural wonder. But, these properties are only found in natural raw honey! Processed honey’s with extra syrups and additives have higher moisture content and won’t retain their antibacterial properties!


Next time you’re thinking of throwing out that funky looking honey, think again!

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