All About Bee Pollen

Honey isn’t the only superfood bees have given us. Today we’re going to tell you about the reason the bees knees are ‘The bees knees:’ Bee Pollen!


As bees fly around collecting nectar for their honey they develop a positive electric charge. Pollen, which is negatively charged, is electromagnetically attracted to the bee visiting a flower, and rushes to stick to the bees furry back and knees. Bees have been using these pollen as their main source of protein for millenia, so it’s understandable beekeepers eventually fancied a taste.

Bee Pollen’s use as a health supplement actually dates back as far as the history of beekeeping, especially in Eastern medicine. Made only from plant pollen (and a bit of nectar and bee saliva) Pollen is packed full of Vitamins, as well as a heap of antioxidants. It contains over 250 biologically active substances and is also an excellent source of protein; containing as much protein per gram as an egg!


In a range of scientific studies, bee pollen has been shown to lower heart disease risk factors, boost liver function, have anti-inflammatory properties, and fight seasonal allergies. If you’re wondering how to enjoy all the benefits of Bee Pollen, it’s best enjoyed stirred into a smoothie or granola, or sprinkled into whatever cooking you fancy.

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