Honey and Hay Fever

hay fever

Suffering from Hay fever can be a real chore, but can honey be used to treat your symptoms? Hay Fever is an allergic reaction caused by tiny pollen particles in the air, similar to the pollen collected and distributed by bees gathering nectar. These pollen particles cause histamines (protective chemicals your immune system makes) to overreact; Triggering blocked noses, fits of sneezing, and red eyes.

While there is no cure for hay fever, it can be combated with medical antihistamines and natural remedies. But can honey help? While Honey isn’t made from pollen itself, many believe that the small amount of pollen it contains can help prepare your immune system for hay fever season through immunotherapy. In immunotherapy, doctors expose your body to small amounts of allergens, encouraging your body to build an immunity. The theory is that eating local honey gets your immune system used to the presence of pollen in your area.

Once hay fever season comes, your body should react much less aggressively to pollen in the air.

The jury is still out on whether this theory is credible, but many have reported that loading up on honey and pure bee pollen prior to the summer has helped them fight the symptoms of hay fever. It’s also the tastiest way to keep yourself healthy this summer.


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