Let’s celebrate World Bee Day

Dear Honey Monsters!

 It is World’s Bee Day today – and we hope you are all buzzing with happiness!

The Honeybees are a big part of our life, not only because taking care of them is our job but also because they are fascinating little creatures that once you get to know them you can’t live without them!

Without them, our population would hardly survive – honeybees pollinate about 90% of all world’s crops and supply us with one of the most delicious foods – honey and so so many more valuable by-products. 

We have our little world’s bee day every day – only wintertime is a bit quiet for us, but all warm months are always Bee-focused. 

So today we would like to cherish their hard work by sharing with you how to help them thrive especially in urban areas where bees struggle the most. Honeybees are part of the big pollinator’s family which also includes birds, bats, wild bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals who sustain our ecosystem and help in plant reproduction.

Pollinators don’t seem to mind city life, as long as there are plots and patches of flowers they can forage on.



How you can help them? Grow the right plants:


There are some flowers that are hard to grow and you would need to be quite a pro gardener to keep them alive, however, there are plants that are both good for bees and come quite handy in our own kitchen – herbs!

Thyme, marjoram, mint, fennel, chives, rosemary, lemon balm..and more

You pick the one you need and love most!

By planting herbs, and other easy-growing plants you support honeybees, especially in the cities. Honeybees fly within a 5km radius from their hive – can you imagine how many bees we would feed if each one of us grow some herbs?

It is quite exciting to know that at the same time eating herbs is super good for us too – so we can thrive together!


It is very important to note that if you buy honey from local beekeepers at the same time you do support honeybees – you help us grow – so thank you all for trusting Edinburgh Honey Co!

Bee’s Knees Cocktail with Martin Miller’s Gin 

This year we have teamed up with Martin Miller’s Gin @Martinmillersgin who decided to help out all pollinators by seeding some thyme with you – since today in some of the best cocktail bars across Edinburgh (full list below) you will have a chance to celebrate this occasion with The Bees Knees cocktail made with truly amazing

Summerful Martins Miller’s Gin and our super floral Heather Honey

– We tried already! –

with each drink, you will also get a gift, a bag full of THYME SEEDS which are super EASY TO GROW and their flowers are very nutritious for our dearest Bees and other pollinators too! Isn’t that a genius idea? We think so! 



The Bees who are living in cities sometimes really struggle to find some food, not all of the flowers are easy to access too so by planting herbs that create a good nectar flow you will help them not only survive but also thrive! We are super proud to be part of this wonderful project!

Last week we were part of the Martin Miller Gin press dinner at @Headandtales and met amazing Edinburgh journalists and influencers:

Euen from @edinburgheveningnew @tartanspoonsblog @ginanddominic @theirishcocktailguy @skytravels – Thank you all for coming and participating.

Martin’s Miller Gin has been represented by very talented Jon Lee from @hedonistdrinks @leejonair who composed all cocktails made with Martin Miller’s Gin and our Heather and Linden Honey.

It was a night full of gin history and many interesting bee facts served by Andrew!

The food was composed of our blossom honeycomb, honey, and bee pollen by @headsandtalesbar who has got an amazing and very creative kitchen, and the rest of the team!


Would you like to support this cause but have some fun at the same time? Visit these cocktail bars, have fun and plant some thyme! If you – let us know, it would be great to hear what you think!

Check our stories for Summerful Bee’s knees recipe served with Martin Miller’s gin, lemon juice, and our heather Honey 🍯 🐝 to make it at home or visit one of ☝️ Edinburgh Venues who also teamed up with @martinmillersgin which aims to plant 7,000 thyme bushes 🌿 to support #honeybees !


Celebrate the World Bees Day here:

Heads & Tales



The Raging Bull

The Pear Tree


See you there!




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