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Dear Honey Monsters!

As you all know both Marta and I are Polish citizens living in Scotland for many years now. 
We love our new home even though it has been very hard for us at times to bee away from our families and friends, especially during the last few years. 

The recent events have been particular stressful for us as we have friends and family in Ukraine but also are culturally close to Ukrainian people as we all are Slavic and share common heritage and love for honey.

We fell that no matter if Ukraine is a part of NATO or Eu we must stand strong and united in the face of this adversity, and remember that 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” 

Now that the Putin’s Russia has attacked the peace loving Ukraine we want to stand with them and show our support for their fight and help as much as we can. 

We have decided that £1 for every kilo jar sold will  bee donated to PAH charity in Poland.

For 25 years, PAH has been responding to human tragedies caused by wars and natural disasters – seeing in each of these crises the fate of another human being. They provide what is most needed: shelter, food, water, access to education. Thanks to the empathy and determination of many individuals, they have been able to help 9.6 million people in 44 countries. The course of action and the scope of humanitarian assistance provided by PAH have developed over the years, but the goal has remained unchanged: to help another human being.

We strongly encourage you to visit their website and donate – as millions of refuges will need support when they will seek refuge in Poland from this horrible act of aggression. 


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