Avocado, Bee Pollen and Acacia Honey Ultimate sandwich

We all love a good sandwich. Made with love and some amazing crusty sourdough bread.
We have teamed up with 12 Triangles  from Edinburgh (our favorite bread makers) in creating this magnificent superfood sandwich.

It is very simple yet nutritious and so so tasty.

We have used for this treat a charcoal sourdough bread as it is super beneficial to our gut by improving digestive capabilities and paired it with some ripe avocado with that good fat and topped it with our Bee Pollen and Acacia Honey

Both are considered super foods and are super good for our bodies.
Acacia is know for antioxidant qualities and Bee Pollen is a great source of protein in your daily diet. 

Hope that we have inspired you to go and try this amazing combo.

All the best and as usual 




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