Raw Honey Gift Set of 3


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Raw Honey Gift Set. Sweet and healthy

This beautiful hand-packed Raw Honey Gift Set will make any person smiling. It contains  3, 120 g jars of most delicious raw honey of your choosing.
Comes with a wooden honey dipper and a recipe card for something tasty to make with our raw honey.

You can choose from a wide selection of our little jars of sunshine such as:

Wildflower – classical everyday honey made with a variety of pollen from wild meadow flowers.

Sunflower – one of the sweetest kinds of honey out there, a perfect reward for getting out of bed on a gloomy morning.

Rapeseed – creamy, dreamy and rich in Vitamin C. Taste almost like fudge but is much healthier 😉

Forest – a polyfloral type of honey, rich in raspberry and blueberry pollen with a fruity flavor note.  Kids favorite!

Acacia – light, floral and very sweet. Great for coffee, tea or homemade lemonade.

Linden – zesty, fresh and light. Great for Hot Toddy and to fight off winter colds.

Buckwheat – Great Taste Award winner. Considered better than Manuka and with dark, strong flavor. Known also as a hangover honey

Coriander – herbal honey with a unique flavor. Fresh, light with a hint of spice at the end. No, it is not infused.

Honeydew – also know as Pine Tree honey. Has a very strong and distinctive flavor, almost sour. Considered better than Manuka.

Clover – our first Scottish harvest. Very light and sweet, fresh and gentle in flavor. Great for that afternoon tea.

Honeycomb Clover – this is one of the most interesting honey experiences you can get. The wax is so gentle and smooth. It is hard to describe how unique this is.

Gingerbread infusion – we do not feed Gingerbread cookies to the bees. We have created this unique Christmas treat in collaboration with Spice Kitchen and it is mind-blowingly good. Christmas on a spoon.

How does it work? Leave a note at the check out with your choice of kinds of honey

Place on order for the Raw Honey Gift Set and just leave a note at the check out with your choice of kinds of honey. If we will not hear from you within 24h we will send you a message or give you a call.

All the best
and as always…
Marta and Andrew


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