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Raw Rapeseed Honey is a great source of vitamins.

Raw Rapeseed Honey is a great source of Vitamins and minerals. It is known to help with sour. Rapeseed Honey crystallizes very fast and hard due to its water content.

Our Rapeseed Honey has been churned and has a buttery texture. This way you can enjoy it every morning on your toast or use it as a simple face mask. It is very smooth and pale and toffee-like flavour.  That is why it is very popular with kids.

Raw Rapeseed Honey is part of your “5 a day”.

Did you know you can use honey as a part of your 5 a day? It contains all the necessary microelements and vitamins for your healthy diet and is rich in simple sugars that are necessary for your daily energy input.

For more ideas on how to use it in daily cooking, visit our blog and to learn more about the Raw rapeseed honey click here.

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